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‘Before I began counselling with Francesca I felt stuck in a negative and repetitive loop of thoughts and behaviours that I couldn’t seem to get out of on my own, no matter how much meditation or exercise I did or self-help books I read! Speaking to someone I didn’t know about how I was feeling and what I was thinking really helped me to move forward and become unstuck. Francesca created an open, healing and non-judgemental space that allowed me to explore my issues honestly and look at them in a kinder, more loving and accepting way. It’s hard to explain how things changed but they did and after only 6 sessions I felt far more confident in myself and my decision making process and ready to end my sessions with Francesca. Although, it is something I would definitely go back to if I felt the need to again! It was entirely worth the investment.’.

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'Francesca is warm, understanding and so kind. She really helped me get back on my feet after feeling low for some time and unsure of where to turn. With her encouragement and kindness, I have the strength I need to carry on putting the ideas we talked about into practice. I would highly recommend Francesca to anyone that needs a helping hand or just someone to talk to.


I will definitely not hesitate to ask you for help again if I need it!'

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'From getting in touch with Francesca, she was very approachable and I felt at ease straight from the beginning. I had face to face therapy and the clinic set up with COVID around was very well thought out and I felt safe going there. I had weekly sessions for about 6 months and each session I explored and learnt something new about myself and my emotions. I was very reserved and shy after a break down of a relationship and felt particularly vulnerable. Francesca & I explored what experiencing them was like in a safe space and being comfortable with what I was feeling and that it was okay to feel these things. She helped me get through a really dark time and I am thankful I didn't have to go through it alone.

Thank you!'

Francesca Parry BSc, MA