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Thank you for taking your time to view my website.

You have most likely arrived here because yourself or someone you know is thinking about counselling and psychotherapy. Understandably, this can be a worrying and confusing time and at this stage you may just need information about what counselling is and how you can make use of it. 


I’m a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and I work in line with their ethical framework. I have two degrees in psychology followed by a certificate and diploma in counselling.

I am situated at the Tower Clinic, Cookridge, Leeds. (For more information on where I am based and about the clinic, please scroll below.) It is a professional, welcoming space, easy to find with lots of free car parking. 

Prior to this, I volunteered at Phoenix Health & Wellbeing where I worked with many clients of all ages, who presented an array of challenges including: depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), relationship issues, eating disorders and OCD. My most recent training has been on 'Working with Suicide'.


my qualifications...


Leeds Beckett University -

PG Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy


Leeds Beckett University -

PG Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy Skills


Leeds Beckett University - 

MA Interdisciplinary Psychology


Leeds Trinity University -

Psychology Degree (BSc Hons)

my journey...

I chose counselling as a career because there was a time in my life where I felt like I had no voice. Alone and afraid with my thoughts and feelings, I was hopeless and stuck. I eventually plucked up the courage from within and made contact to see a counsellor. From having experienced and engaged in therapy myself, it allowed me to understand how it feels to be listened to, without the fear of judgement or being misunderstood. It gave me time, space and the confidence to open up to a trusting individual and as a result of this, it changed all aspects of relationships in my life for the better. After therapy, I wanted to work with others and communicate how we can work on their self-love and belief in themselves. I have a great interest in the therapeutic relationship and how sharing thoughts and feelings in itself, is so powerful.

I am a dedicated, calming and approachable therapist who brings warmth and compassion to the work I do. I want you to become your own therapist and to leave the therapeutic relationship as a more independent and competent individual. I am so passionate about therapy and changing the stigma that surrounds it. You are important, you deserve to be listened to and to feel safe whilst doing so.  

Counselling is an important process towards knowing and understanding yourself at a deeper level, enabling you to really live your life and move forward. The model I am trained in is the Relational Approach. This combines the analytical aspect of the Psychodynamic Approach with the warmth of Person Centred therapy. I also consider other theories in my practice such as Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


I'd love to hear from you,

- Francesca

How to find me at:

'The Tower Clinic'

Location: 8 Tinshill Lane, Cookridge, LS16 7AP                  Website: www.towerclinic.co.uk
Opening Times: 
Monday - 09.00-16.30
Tuesday - 09.00-21.00
Wednesday - 09.00-21.00
Thursday - 09.00-21.00
Friday - 09.00-16.30
Saturday - 09.00-16.00
Sunday - CLOSED
Distances from city centres:
Leeds: 5 miles    
Halifax: 15.6 miles
Bradford: 9.4 miles                      
Wakefield: 17.1 miles
Huddersfield: 21.7 miles            
Harrogate: 12.9 miles 
Dewsbury: 15.7 miles                   
York: 27.5 miles
Car Parking:
There is ample free car parking, but in the event that the car park is full, there is on-road parking near-by, but please do not park on the main road/Tinshill Lane. 
Disabled Person's Access:
There are two disabled persons parking places at the front of the building. The clinic is accessed on the level through a wide front door. 
Once inside the building, there are no steps or ramps downstairs. There is a disabled person's toilet facility off reception.




Not sure how you feel?
Not sure how you feel?

When you feel stuck and confused, don't worry. Life can be very complicated and sometimes we react to things and we don't even know we feel. It may seem impossible to even know where to start Talking about this with a counsellor can help you become clearer and we can work through this stuckness together.

Does anyone listen to you?
Does anyone listen to you?

Is your voice not being heard? Are you finding people are ignoring you? It can be frustrating, confusing and demoralising. Through our sessions we can discuss the feelings and emotions you have when your feeling ignored. I will listen to you.

Do you feel scared?
Do you feel scared?

Is something happening right now that you're frightened of? A past event that's been traumatic that memories and dreams of it scare you? Or does an upcoming event make you anxious? Don't think you have to go through these feelings alone. Counselling can provide the correct guidance and support you need.

Do you feel sad and empty?
Do you feel sad and empty?

Sadness can be a difficult emotion to deal with. Not only due to the pain it causes, but also because of the factors that caused the sadness in the first place. It can be the result of loss, helplessness, or disappointment, among many other things. It is important to remember, though, that sadness is one of the most common and natural human emotions.

Have you ever felt stressed?
Have you ever felt stressed?

In our modern world, life moves so fast, that it is often we have so much to do with so little time. Stress can cause many different symptoms. It might affect how you feel physically, mentally and also how you behave. It's not always easy to recognise the symptoms but sometimes just talking about them with a counsellor can alleviate some stressors.

Does your anger prevail more?
Does your anger prevail more?

Anger is a normal emotion that everyone experiences. However, if you feel unable to control your anger, it can cause problems in relationships and at work. It might also affect your quality of life. We can work through techniques to help you understand where your anger comes from and how to handle it when it arises.

Do you ever feel not good enough?
Do you ever feel not good enough?

Not feeling good enough can be crucifying on different levels. When you try your best at jobs, relationships, life etc, and you keep getting knocked down. If you're constantly beating yourself up, we can work together on building your self-love and rewiring your inner critic.

Feeling worthless?
Feeling worthless?

Feelings of worthlessness can come at any time in your life. But if you are suddenly feeling like you can’t do anything right, or that you aren’t worthy of the things/people you have in your life, you might be wondering how can I recover from this? You are not alone. Counselling can help.

Do you feel lost and alone?
Do you feel lost and alone?

Feeling lost and alone in life can be a painful experience. You may think that no-one cares, but they do. We can work through these feelings and get the support you need.

Francesca Parry BSc, MA